Style of the day: Twist-out in Ginza

About  a week ago I decided to take my fabulous twist-out to Ginza. If you live in Tokyo, and have not been there yet, what have  you been waiting for? As for future visitors  to this fine city, a trip to this part of town will leave you mesmerised as you walk the wide open pedestrian shopping zone  (the roads are closed off to traffic on the weekends) where the streets are lined by practically every leading brand name in fashion and cosmetics.  A girly girls’ dream!

Apparently it’s actually possible to find $10 cups of coffee here, so needless to say that Ginza is considered one of the most upmarket shopping, dining and entertainment districts in Tokyo.

Back to my fro though. I was going to opt for my usual braid-out, but when I took the twists down I was thoroughly impressed and decided to stop right there. Carol’s Daughter products lived up to their reputation. My hair was happy.







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