How I prepped my hair for travel and styled it in England

Ever since I started my natural hair journey I’ve been aware that once I’d be taken out of my comfort zone of my flat it’s more than likely that I’d feel a little bit out of sorts doing my hair somewhere where I don’t have access to all my usual products. Not only that, but the fact that I’d be on holiday would mean that I should be out and about visiting with family and friends instead of being indoors spending hours doing my hair. So as the trip to England approached, I quickly came up with a game plan on how I would maintain my hair while on holiday.

Getting my hair travel ready 

Initially I had had a nice long deep conditioning session, followed by  a twist installation in mind for the day before I got on the plane, but as luck would have it, I didn’t have the time for either of those things. So instead I chose to clarify my hair, as I had planned to only co-wash while I’d be in England, and followed it up with a moisturising  conditioner which I oil rinsed out of my hair for added moisture and slip. Afterwards I added my usual products and let my hair air-dry. Once it was time for bed I pineappled it all, and by the time I boarded the plane the next day I chose to simply make a high bun as a protective style. Just before take-off I wrapped a pretty silk scarf around my head to protect the hair at the back from the fabric on the head rest. This method served me well because when I finally took down my hair at my final destination, my hair was still moisturised and soft.

Maintaining my hair while on holiday

As I mentioned before, I came up with a game plan well in advance of going on this trip. I had planned to travel to England without any hair products as I knew that I would buy quite a bit once I was there. So instead, Amazon became my best friend as I purchased the following As I Am products in the knowledge that I would mostly be wearing my hair in a wash & go state. This is what I ordered:

  • Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner
  • Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner
  • Leave-in Conditioner
  • Curling Jelly Coil and Curl Definer

I have mentioned it before that I really love this product line, but oh my word, using all 4 of these products together really was a heavenly spa treatment for my tresses. My wash & go’s looked Ah-mazing.

Here’s the why and the how:

I co-washed my hair twice while on holiday, and each time I followed it up with the intensive conditioner. I just left it on for a few minutes while I carried on with the rest of my shower routine. I loved how soft and moisturised it made my hair feel after leaving it on for just a few minutes. When it came to styling my hair, I made sure my hair was almost soaking wet while I applied the leave-in conditioner followed by the curling jelly. Adding product to soaking wet hair aids in locking in moisture and minimising frizz, especially with wash & go’s (well for me anyway). On the days that I needed to refresh the style in between washes, I would simply use my spray bottle to spritz my hair with water, smoothed through some leave-in, and then added some curling jelly again. As the jelly provides such great definition and moisture, I didn’t have to refresh every day either.

The only think I missed out on was my beloved coconut oil and by the beginning of the second week I caved and bought some from the local supermarket. I’d apply the oil after the leave-in and right before the curling jelly. I think it just just added that extra bit of shine and softness. The combination of these moisturising products really made for stress and hassle-free low maintenance holiday hair.

What more could a curly girl ask for?

Remember to always love your curls!


Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored to sing these products’ praises. I just really love it for my hair! 


Beauty by Zara – My first trip to a natural hair product store

There is absolutely no way I could have gone to England without paying a visit to a natural hair product store. In the months leading up to my trip, I pro-actively sought out a natural hair store that would stock enough product to give me a hellishly good selection. So you can imagine my delight when I came across Beauty by Zara on instagram of all places. Of course I headed straight for their website, and felt like I had hit the jackpot. Here’s why: all, and I mean ALL the natural hair brands I have ever read (and dreamt) about were on their website. From the ever popular Shea Moisture and Jane Carter Solution to Kinky Curly and more. I just knew I had to find my way there somehow.

So I merrily made my way to the South London store after an afternoon of sightseeing and I can only say that my  jaw literally dropped to the floor once I entered. I have honestly never had so many luxury natural hair products stare me in the face. I was in curly girl heaven! The shop consisted of two long isles with hair and skin products packed from floor to ceiling.

I realise that if you’re reading this from the U.S. this post might seem ridiculous, but in South Africa where I’m from we are yet to see the likes of this type of product selection, and I certainly won’t see it here in Japan.

Beauty by Zara also stocks different skin-care ranges and products that us naturally curly girls usually stay away from, such as relaxers and  products with parabens and mineral oils. That didn’t phase me though, I just confined myself to the natural hair care lines.

Deciding which products to purchase was really difficult. I had already had an idea of what I wanted based on my ‘Hair Product Lust List’ but in hindsight I don’t think I was that prepared for what was in front of me. In the end, I painstakingly made a selection and paid for my products, smiling happily at the thought that I’ll be back in another year or two to top up.

Let me know if you have a product ‘lust list’ and where you buy your products to get your fix. 

Love your curls!


My mini feature in Time Out Tokyo

Hi All, it’s been a while! I’m back from England and over the moon to share my mini feature in the Time Out Tokyo July-September 2014 issue. I was interviewed in the Tokyo Talk column where I revealed some of my city tips and travel highlights.

Have a look here to view the online version of the magazine, where you can also order your printed copy.

Thanks for all the support and coming back to my site so often. I have lots of posts planned so make sure you continue to check back regularly.

Lots of natural hair love,