My favourite beauty products for the month of May

May Favourites1 with logo

I’ve decided to do a bit of a beauty product haul this month just to give you a littler further insight into the things that got me really excited over the last few weeks. It consists of make-up, hair and skin products. Some I’ve already been using for a couple of months and others are recent additions to my beauty collection.

LOOKME theLipstick

LOOKME theLipstick

I absolutely adore bright coloured lipsticks and when I saw this bold orange one I knew I had to have it. The brand is called LOOKME and I’ve never heard of  it before. All I could find out online is that it is a Japanese brand. It wasn’t expensive at all so I’m sure I’ll pick up a few more colours in the coming months.

Betty-Lou Manizer aka The Bronzing Bandit


This must be one of my favourite beauty products ever – an all-in-one bronzer, shimmer and shadow. This is the first time I’ve ever used this type of bronzing product and I’ll be honest, it was the packaging along with the cute name that drew me to it. I’ve since checked out a few tutorials online on exactly how to use it and I am now in love with it. It gives such a lovely sun-kissed glow to the skin, so I’m sure it’s going to see me through the upcoming Summer.

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Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish

Maybelline Colour Show

What an amazing colour! Shade 230 in Downtown Red has such a glam feel to it that I wear it as often as I can. And I love the feminine look and feel it gives my hands when I’m wearing it. Such an elegant colour.

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisturizing Smoothie

CD Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie

Finding a really good deep conditioner can be really tricky. Up until fairly recently, I’ve only been making my own deep conditioners, but since time isn’t always on my side I’ve been experimenting with actual product. Carol’s  Daughter Black Vanilla Moisturizing Hair Smoothie honestly lives up to its name. Along with having the most amazing vanilla scent, the smoothie goes on really easily and leaves my hair super moisturised and soft. You don’t have to use a lot of product to get great results either.

Giovanni Smooth  As Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner

Giovanni Smooth As Silk Conditioner

I’ve been trying to find an alternative all-natural conditioner that’s equivalent in feel and slip to Tres Emmé Naturals for ages, simply because the Tres-Emmé Naturals range isn’t available in Japan. After having heard about Giovanni products for a long time you can imagine my delight when I saw Giovanni products in Loft one day. I decided to buy a sample size deeper moisture conditioner and tried it on my hair for the first time about a week ago. Let’s just say that this product gives Tres Emmé some serious competition. Review to follow in the coming weeks…

Tsururi Pore Cleanser

Tsururi Pore Cleansing Scrub

I recently found an amazing Japanese facial scrub that works by absorbing into the pores and pulling out impurities. My facial skin-care routine can actually do with a lot of improvement, which is why I decided to get serious by trying out this scrub. Natural ingredients such as Morccan ghassoul clay, salt and charcoal attracted me to this scrub. It states that it rids the skin of the top dead layer that causes skin to be rough and dull and reveals skin as smooth and supple as a boiled egg!  I’m not so sure about the boiled egg part, but it does leave my skin incredibly smooth and moisturised.

Lip Balms

Lip Balms

Currently I’m using 2 lip balms interchangeably: Vecua’s Honey Dew Lip Essence Cream and Rimmel’s Multi Balm in Lychee. Both have subtle aromatic scents and do a god job of keeping my lips soft and moisturised.

There you have it – my current high rotation beauty products. Let me know if you’d like more information on any of these and please share with me below if you think there’s a product I should try. Happy Weekend!


Share the love with The Natural Hair Blog Directory



As of today Eleanor J’adore is a happy member of the fabulous Natural Hair Blog Directory, a new resource that was made for YOU to help you find your favourite curly bloggers/vloggers with a similar hair texture to yours. If you’re a natural hair blogger/vlogger you can also submit your information and join the Natural Hair Blog Directory.

I love the fact that it’s a unique platform for natural hair bloggers/vloggers to connect with others, especially for someone like me who lives all the way out in Tokyo!

If you’re a natural hair  blogger/vlogger definitely go check them out over here and sign up. You can also check out my profile over here. Just scroll down the page until you hit  Eleanor J’adore.

Love your curls!


How to go natural

You’ve decided that you’re done with the relaxers. Congratulations! You’ve joined the worldwide community of naturalistas. So now that you’ve finally made the decision to ditch the chemicals you might be asking yourself, “How do I go from the left to the right picture?”

Relaxed to natural hair collage - sticker

There are 2 ways:

The Big Chop (BC)

The BC can seem like the most daunting thing to do as it involves either chopping off all your relaxed hair so that you’re bald, or growing out your natural hair a few centimetres so that you when you do cut off the relaxed hair, you’re left with a teeny weeny afro, aka TWA. Understandably, this route may be filled with a level of anxiety as you need to be confident about exposing your ‘naked’ face and head to the world. Having said that, once you’ve done the BC you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you’ve just gone ahead and got the deed done. You are now fully natural.


This process involves growing your natural hair while gradually trimming away the relaxed hair bit by bit. It can take as long you want to reach the fully natural state, whether it be 3 months or 3 years – it will take as long as you see fit. It does however involve dealing with 2 hair textures, the relaxed ends and the natural new growth, at the same time. For some women this can be a somewhat challenging experience as the the 2 textures won’t necessarily react to product and styling methods in the same way, although with a little research and You-tubing there are plenty of styles that can assist with keeping the 2 textures healthy without driving you crazy.

Whichever method you choose is okay. The main thing to remember with both is to stop using chemicals immediately. That’s an instant way to ensure that the new hair growing from your scalp stands a fighting chance to be as healthy as it can be.

On the one hand I want to say, “Just do it. Go natural. What are you waiting for?” But I do understand that some women may not be ready for this, whether it be for fear of acceptance in your community, the workplace or perhaps fear of acceptance by yourself. Maybe you’re just not ready to face the natural you in the mirror quite yet. Again, that’s okay. If you’ve been wearing your hair in a relaxed state since a young age it’s completely understandable that you might become anxious at the thought of showing your natural tresses to the world. Women of colour with natural hair is still underrepresented in mainstream media so it stands to reason that you may feel uncomfortable with the notion as you don’t see it portrayed that often. Be that as it may, once you realise the potential your own hair has and what it can do for your own self-worth, it won’t matter  whether you see it in the media or not. You’ll just wonder why it’s taken you so long. So remember to do it your way. Your hair is unique to you, and your natural hair journey will be too.

Love your hair!


Side Ponytail with Textured Fringe


Summer is quickly approaching in Japan which means lots of swelteringly hot days on the horizon, and naturally I’d want to wear my hair up. I’m starting to get a bit bored with my usual buns so I’ve decided to start looking for alternative ways to wear my hair up and out of my face.

I really love this simple hairstyle and it seems relatively quick to achieve on any hair type. Follow the easy picture tutorial below.

Summer Up-do collageThe only thing I’d change is to leave the curling iron out. Since my focus is to maintain super healthy hair I don’t see any point in heat styling it to add curls when I already have my own natural curls! If you want to add a bit of length to the fringe without heat my suggestion would be to take small sections of hair and to create 2-strand twists, prepping it the night before so that you can just undo the twists the next morning.

I plan to try out this style this weekend, and will of course post my results here.

Love your curls, x

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How often should you cut your hair?

Cutting your natural hair

One aspect about my hair that I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with is cutting and trimming. In the days before knowing anything about growing healthy hair, I didn’t have any qualms about cutting off quite big portions to achieve a cute new style, whether it was straight or curly. However, the problem would emerge when I’d try to grow out the style and achieve some form of length below my shoulders. Unfortunately it never came. So I would get bored and chop it all off again. This is how the cycle continued for years.

In hindsight, if I had only just trimmed  the hair at some form of a regular interval, I’m sure I could have achieved much longer lengths as I am now. The main problem I used to have was when hairdressers would say to me that trimming would make the hair grow faster and longer. To me this always sounded like complete non-sense, which it is. What does the hair at my roots have to do with my ends? Nothing right?

It all comes down to your ends being the oldest part of your hair. Because they’ve been around the longest out of all the hair on your head, they often appear thinner than the roots as they’ve been subjected to more washing, styling, brushing, heat styling and generally more manipulation than the rest of the hair. This is due to the cuticle having been stripped away gradually.

Trimming does however help the hair to remain as healthy as possible while keeping the thinning ends in check. It also removes any damaged and split ends. Remember, split ends tend to travel up the shaft of the hair and can literally cause a split further up, which can actually damage a completely healthy area of the strand.

So always keep in mind that  trimming split ends will help to make the hair healthier, which means there are no damaged and breaking ends. This will in turn allow the strands to retain the length. With that said, how often should you cut your hair?  If you want to keep your hair at the same length, I’d say a trim every  6-8 weeks should do the trick. But if you’re aiming to grow your hair longer to let’s say bra-strap or mid-back length, I’d recommend only cutting it when it needs it. If it’s still healthy 6 months after your last trim, just leave it be. Otherwise you’ll only be cutting off perfectly healthy hair that you’ve been been putting so much effort into maintaining.

So how do you know when you need a trim/cut?

  • If the ends are dry and split.
  • If you are getting more single strand knots than you usually do.
  • If your hair is heat damaged.
  • If you increasingly have to apply more product than usual to achieve your desired look and feel.
  • If no matter how much you moisturise your hair remains dry.

What ever you do, just don’t make the mistake of not ever getting a trim. Long term this can only lead to uneven, see-through, scraggly and yes, damaged ends, which can ultimately hamper any girl’s plans to achieve happy, healthy hair.

As always, love your curls.


How often do you trim your hair?

Plum lippy love

Eleanor J'adore - Lippy Collage

Just in case you don’t  know it yet, I’m a lipstick fanatic. Along with big bouncy curls, lipstick is the one thing that adds that glam factor to my girlie look and feel. For the first time since I’ve been living in Tokyo, I recently picked up a Japanese brand called Kanebo. I was more drawn to the mauvish/plummy colour before I actually noted which brand it was, but once I mulled the name over in my head I realised that I had indeed heard the name before at some point. This specific colour is from the Media range, and the colour is simply listed as code: 1823.

I’ll say one thing though, I do love the way the colour just glides onto my lips with only a slight hint of gloss. And guess what? It was only ¥‎900 /R93 /£5.20/ $8.84. Quite reasonable I’d say.