My Deep Conditioning Routine with Bounce Essential Hair

eleanorj'adore - my deep conditioning routine with bounce essential hair

There’s a new deep conditioning routine on my YouTube channel. In it I feature a deep conditioning heat cap from Bounce Essential Hair. I really enjoyed working on this one so I hope you enjoy watching it too. Go watch and subscribe right now.

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Chic Chick Natural and Ayurvedic Hair and Skin Care Product Giveaway!

Eleanor J'adore - Chic Chick Product Giveaway

Ever since moving back to South Africa I’ve really been struggling with dry skin, so I couldn’t have been any  happier when Chic Chick contacted me and asked if I’d like to try out some of their skin and hair products along with doing a giveaway. I immediately hopped online to see what they’re all about and since you know I love all things natural I was over the moon when I discovered that they refer to themselves as a new generation hair and skin care company, supplying natural and Ayurvedic products for all hair and skin types, including powders such as henna and indigo. I had the opportunity to try a range of products. Some I fell in love with, others not so much and I’ll tell you why. But make sure you read to the end as I have a fabulous giveaway to the value of R1 300 that you don’t want to miss out on.

Fresh Chocolat Facial Cleansing Powder

Eleanor J'adore - Chic Chick Product Giveaway

I’m starting off with probably my favourite product I was given to try: a rich, luxurious cleanser that you activate with a bit of water, promising to gently cleanse, eliminate toxins and softly even skin tone. The cleanser consists of a range of natural powders, the most notable being cocoa shell powder and bentonite clay, that you mix with water to create a paste and then apply to your face. You can use it as an everyday cleanser or a mask, depending on how long you leave it on for.

I adore how this product makes my skin feel after each use: soft, moisturised and without any tightness. I especially love using it in the mornings as a mask while I sit and relax in the bath. The faint smell of chocolate is an added bonus.

Rose Water

Eleanor J'adore - Chic Chick Product Giveaway

If you’ve ever wanted to use a 100% all natural toner without any alcohol, consider giving rose water a try. I love to spritz a little on my face after I’ve cleansed it to prepare my skin for moisturising. You’ll love the distinct smell of roses you’ll get when applying this to your face, while it tones, balances and refreshes your skin. According to the site it’s perfect for all skin types as it maintains the pH balance and stimulates the regenerating process. It can also be used as a moisturising tonic on natural hair.

Rosehip Oil

Eleanor J'adore - Chic Chick Product Giveaway

This is without a doubt the most luxurious oil I have ever used on my skin. If you’ve never heard of rosehip oil, don’t despair – I was only just introduced to it as well. My usual moisturising regime consisted only of applying coconut oil to my damp skin, but it hasn’t been working so well for me lately. Hence the introduction of rosehip oil. I apply it after my moisturiser by dropping 5 drops into my hand and gently pressing it into my skin. It leaves my skin moisturised, supple and feeling quite firm. If I’ve dispensed too much oil I’ll massage the leftover into my nails and cuticles. I also love that the bottle comes with a handy dropper to make application easier.

Coffee Bar – Hair Booster Mask

Eleanor J'adore - Chic Chick Product Giveaway

I haven’t had such mixed feelings about a product in a long time, but this hair booster mask certainly calls for it. You apply it to your hair after placing the little hearts into a container, pouring warm water over it and allowing it to melt and then mixing it into a thick yoghurt-like paste. While my hair has never been softer and my curls have never popped as much as it did after this application, I’ve also never struggled to get a product out of my hair like this before. It took about 5 washes over 3 days to get the last of the clay out of my hair.

The ingredients are absolutely amazing: Acacia Concinna (Shikakai)Powder, Cocoa Butter(Theobrama Cacao), Shea Butter, Inca Inchi, Thyme Powder,  Emblica Officinalis (Amla) Powder, Sea Moss Extract, Bacopa Monniera (Brahmi) Powder, Eclipta Alba (Bhringraj) Powder, Trigonella Foenum Graecum Extract, Vitamin E(Tocopherol). So I’d definitely try it again, but I’ll probably chat to the owner of the company for some advice on how not to let the product stay stuck in my curls for days on end.

Raw Honey

Eleanor J'adore - Chic Chick Product Giveaway

I haven’t actually used this honey yet as I still have another container on the go and I’d like to finish that one first, but I love the fact that they stock 100% raw honey, perfect to use as a mask for both hair and skin.

Rhassoul Clay

Eleanor J'adore - Chic Chick Product Giveaway

I haven’t gotten around to try the Rhassoul clay either, although it’s definitely one of my next products to try. I’ve heard too many good things about it to not give it a go. Again, it’s perfect for hair and skin and I’m going to fully review this clay in the near future, so keep an eye out for it.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the website as each product has usage directions explaining in detail how to use it as well as  a comprehensive list of the ingredients. I’ll definitely be purchasing from them again.


Eleanor J'adore - Chic Chick Product Giveaway

Now for the exciting part!

I have three Chic Chick hampers to give away to the value of R435. That’s right. Three lucky readers will each win a prize containing the following products:

  1. Fresh Chocolat Facial Cleansing Powder
  2. Rose Water
  3. Coffee Bar – Hair Booster Mask
  4. Botanical Scalp Therapy / Neem Oil Therapy / Oil Moisture Therapy (one oil per winner)

How to enter

  1. Make sure you like my Facebook page and comment on the giveaway picture with something like “Enter me in the Eleanor J’adore Chic Chick Giveaway.”
  2. Like and share the Giveaway photo.
  3. Winners must be willing to share a mini review of their experience using the products on the Chic Chick website.

The fine print

  1. The competition is open to those residing in South Africa only.
  2. Entries will be accepted until Sunday, 27 September at 8pm South African time.
  3. Winners will be drawn on Monday, 28 September and announced on my Facebook page.

Good luck!


Hair Growth Challenge Update

Eleanor J'adore - Hair Growth Challenge Update

I know I’m about a week late with this, but I just wanted to give a shout out to the first round of winners of the Mandy’s Hair Growth Challenge. Thoko Radebe, Claudine Mandisa Messieur and Prudence Ogunlade, by now I’m sure you all know that you’ll be the lucky recipients of some fabulous Rockin Naturals products. This, all for just regularly commenting and interacting on social media with Mandy from The Mandy Expedition.

If you want to know more about what the challenge entails, follow this link as well as this one.

Silly girl that I am, I didn’t measure my hair at the beginning of the challenge, so I’ll do so now.

Front: 39 cm

Crown: 47 cm

Left Side: 42 cm

Right Side: 41 cm

Back: 38 cm

With my recent intercontinental move I’ve been slacking with applying the mixture regularly, but I managed to get myself back on track this week. And since I have no idea at what rate my hair usually grows, I’ve decided to use this growth phase as a base for future measurements.

Are any of you, lovely readers of this blog, participating in this challenge? If you are let me know. I’d love to know what results you’ve seen so far.

Love your curls,


Why twist-out when you can wash and go?

Eleanor J'adore - Why Twist-Out when you can Wash and Go?

After I posted this picture on my Facebook page yesterday, I was asked by one of my followers why is it that when I’m able to achieve a “good wash and go”, do I still do twist-outs on my hair. My immediate response was that constantly doing wash and gos causes more knotting and that I love the different look that a twist-out gives me.

After contemplating the question a bit further, I started wondering whether a notion does exist that says that if you can achieve a good wash & go, there’s not much point in doing twist-outs. And I suppose depending on your specific curl pattern the twist-out would typically be a more stretched out style as opposed to your own tighter curls and kinks.

Firstly, I’m thinking, what is a good wash & go? Does it mean your curls pop more? What about if you don’t have a naturally defined curl pattern? I happen to think that you can still achieve a good wash and go without having popping curls, but rather your natural hair looking its personal best whether it curls or not.

Eleanor J'adore - Why Twist-Out when you can Wash and Go?

More and more I’m seeing kinky-haired women without necessarily having an identifiable curl pattern do wash & gos. Simply look at BlackBeautyKween who has started rocking wash & gos like its nobody’s business. Or NaturalMe4C who does beautiful wash and gos on her kinky hair.

It’s all about mastering your own hair. And in my case, it took me a while to figure out how to my master my wash and go, which I published over here. It’s definitely a matter of playing around with different products to see which ones give you the best results, as well as experimenting with the technique  you use in applying said products.

Even though I love wearing wash and gos it’s just not practical for me to wear my hair this way everyday. Like I said before, the hair is more prone to tangling,  which does lead to more single strand knots. My reason for wearing twist-out styles also comes back to it simply looking beautiful. I love how a different curl pattern can change up my entire look. And isn’t that part of why we love wearing our hair natural, for the versatility of it?

I’d love to hear your opinion on this, so let me know in the comments section below.

Love your hair,


Damp detangling VS Dry detangling natural hair

Eleanor J'adore - Damp detangling VS dry detangling natural hair

After having worn my hair in wash and go’s for 2 solid weeks, I was in need for a serious detangling session over the weekend. I usually detangle with coconut oil and conditioner, but for some reason I wanted to only use coconut oil and leave it in my hair overnight, as I know that coconut oil can really penetrate the strands deeply if left in the hair for a number of hours. Due to sheer laziness I ended up not doing it on Friday night, but found my myself holding my jar of coconut oil in front of the heater to melt it down somewhat on Saturday morning, ready to tackle the mane with oil only. I’d barely started when I stopped to ask myself why on earth I would think applying oil to my dry hair would be a good idea?

I know that there are many curly girls out there who detangle just with oil, and I thought that I wanted to get in on the action too, but alas, it was not for me. Here I summarised the reasons why damp detangling works so much better for me than dry detangling.

Damp Detangling

Conditioner / Water and Oil

  • The added moisture makes the hair softer and more pliable.
  • The softer hair allows for tangles to be worked through more easily.
  • Conditioner coats the hair strand and smooths the cuticle, providing slip, which makes it even easier to remove tangles.
  • I love how the combination of moisture (water and/or conditioner) and oil makes my hair feel.

Dry Detangling

Oil only

  • It can become painful if there are too many tangles and knots present.
  • It takes much longer to detangle the hair dry than damp.
  • If the hair is already quite dried out and brittle, it can lead to breakage.
  • I don’t like the feel of oil only on my hair.

Detangling is necessary for all naturals, whether you choose to do it with a comb, your fingers, a brush, or any of the nifty detangling tools on the market. And whether you choose to do it on dry, damp, or soaking wet hair is up to you, but I would definitely say that experimenting for yourself to see what you prefer is key. Ultimately the goal is to get get rid of as many tangles as possible without sacrificing length.

Do you detangle on damp or dry hair? If you detangle on dry hair please share some of your tips and tricks below.

Love your curls!



Autumn Side Swept Do

My hair has been doing quite a number on me recently. On the one hand it’s really healthy, shiny and strong and I’m retaining a lot of length. But on the other, I’ve seriously been battling single strand knots and it’s been driving me up the wall. Of course the knots aren’t visible in these photos, but I do think my ends appear rather dried and frayed, which is as a result of the knots (although it could be that my hair hadn’t dried properly). I recently trimmed my ends while in twists and immediately after that I went in search of knots on individual strands – you can read that post here –  and while I got rid of a lot, it feels like I still have a long way to go with them.

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll have to cut off at least another  1 – 2 cm fairly soon. So I’ve made a decision. In the interest of being able to see all the knots, I’m 99% sure that I’m going to blow-dry and probably flat-iron my hair when I’m in Cape Town in December. I’ll enquire with my curlfriends on stylist recommendations, someone who knows how to work with natural hair and just take it from there. I’m hoping that having my hair straight will make it much easier for a stylist to give me an adequate cut. I also feel like I just need to have this done once  and then I’ll be fine to trim my own ends again as needed once I’m back in Japan. It’s entirely possible that I’m making a mountain out of a mole-hill, but when it comes to my fro I’d rather err on the side of caution.

Regarding these photos, it does still amaze me  that my hair can go from small to big in a matter of hours. In these images, I’m sporting a fresh braid-out with a side sweep and some of the hair tied in a mini side pony tail at the back. Very simple but I felt quite pretty and in a matter of hours, it had magically grown, just the way I expected it to.

Love your curls,


Achieving 2nd, 3rd and 4th day hair


How to maintain a curly hair style for more than just one day

For some curly girls achieving 2nd day hair can seem like a rather elusive, pie-in-the-sky idea. With dryness and loss of curl definition coming into play, the mere thought of trying to maintain that lovely naturally curly hairstyle  for days on end can seem rather futile.

However the reason to consider maintaining a style for more than just one day means that you can save resources on the days after you’ve created  the style in the following ways:

1.Spending less time styling and manipulating your hair, which means you can get out the door sooner, and

2.Using less product and ultimately money by not having to style your hair from scratch everyday.

There are various ways that you can preserve your hairstyle for days, but here I’ve broken down the method I use most of the time on my long hair into a 4 step process.

Start with well moisturised hair


If it’s not moisturised the hair will dry out really quickly by the end of the second day, making the possibility of 3rd and even 4th day hair just a pipe dream. For me this starts with my wash routine. I make sure that I incorporate a deep conditioning session after I’ver cleansed my hair, and after the deep conditioner has been rinsed out I apply a leave-in conditioner and seal in the moisture with coconut oil.

Ensure your hair is dry before you remove your rollers or unravel your twists/braids


If you’ve decided to set your hair in rollers or in a twist/braid-out, make sure your hair has dried properly before you unravel it. If not, your hair will turn to frizz and those defined curls you were trying to create will be in vain. Obviously ignore this step if you’ve opted for a wash and go.

Prep your hair properly at night


To make sure your curls will last for days, it’s important that you don’t crush your curls while sleeping on them. So the way do it is by piling all my hair on top of my head and making a ponytail as high as I can. This is also known as the ‘pineapple’. Then I take my silk scarf and tie it around my head to protect my hairline all around. I also sleep on a silk-lined pillowcase so that the curls sticking out of the ponytail always lie on silk and not cotton, which will rob my strands of moisture.

How to take your hair down the next morning


Simply remove the scarf and take your hair out of the hair tie. At this moment the hair will probably be sticking up towards the ceiling – don’t worry, that’s normal. All you have to do now is gently pull your hair down, shake your head from side to side, fluff and pull your hair to where you want it to lay.

Usually if I’m on 2nd day hair I only smooth over a bit of coconut oil for shine and to calm some of the frizzies, but once it gets to the 3rd or 4th day, I might scrunch in a bit of leave-in conditioner on my ends before I apply coconut oil, to boost the moisture level. Of course you can spritz with water, the simplest and cheapest way to moisturise, but then you risk your hair shrinking up. It’s really up to you.

As the days go on your hair will stretch out due to the ‘pineappling’ method, giving you more length. It will also become bigger and a little frizzier as that’s just something our natural hair does, however I do think most naturals love big hair, and personally I don’t mind a bit of frizz as it looks more natural. One of the main things to keep in mind though is to keep your hair moisturised. Dry curls won’t ever result in 2nd day hair, never mind a 3rd or 4th day.

Happy hair styling and remember to love your curls!

I originally wrote this article for the South African natural hair blog Good Hair Diaries. Please check it out for more great information and advice.