Eleanor J'adore - Pregnancy Announcement

Well it’s official. The last time I actually sat down to write and publish a post was 3 months ago. I never thought I’d go this long without posting on this little blog of mine, but I promise I have a very good reason: I’m pregnant! That’s right. My husband and I are expecting our very first baby!

We are excited beyond words and half the time we just sit in absolute silence marvelling at how we are being blessed with the miracle of creating a new life.

At 18 weeks I’m into the second trimester and almost halfway through the pregnancy. If you’re wondering how the first trimester went, I’m just going to say morning sickness was my middle name, which was the main reason for my prolonged absence. And when I say morning sickness, I mean nausea every day for the entire day and throwing up at least once almost daily. This carried on for roughly two months until about 16 weeks, so I’m happily over it all and I can now just concentrate on enjoying the pregnancy.

I’ll write a separate hair update and I’ve also been asked via Instagram to do some pregnancy style updates so watch out for those posts coming soon. In the meantime, if there’s anything  you’d like to know specifically or have suggestions for future posts, please comment below.

Shoo – It feels good to be back. I’ve seriously missed you all!



11 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. It will be interesting for you to document what happens to your hair during this time. It is interesting how for some women pregnancy causes changes in texture, length and sometimes even shedding. So I am interested to hear whether you see any significant changes in your hair over the next few months. Have a happy, healthy baby. We will be here waiting for you always. Lots of Love SEV

    • So far I’ve only noticed that my hair is shedding less, both during my detangling/pre-poo sessions and during washing while I’m in the shower. But I’ll carry taking note and documenting my pregnancy hair story as well. Thank you so much! x

    • Thank you! All I can say is I can relate to everything you said in your post. When 12 weeks came and gone and I was still getting really sick I was wondering why my pregnancy had to go that way, but I tried to remind myself that every pregnancy is different. Every woman is different and there’s no cookie cutter mould that everyone can fit into, so I just soldiered on through it. But I agree, if you want to have a good moaning or venting session, go for it. Life is made up of both ups and downs, and I do hope it starts to ease up for you soon. x

      • Thank you for your lovely message. Would you mind posting it onto my blog to share with others. Love the cookie cutter … So true. xx

  2. I knew a previous post u mention that u picked a bit of weight and when u hvnt posted for a while…..yep she’s pregnant!!congrats enjoy!!

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