5 Days, 5 Natural Hair Styles

A week ago I participated in a style challenge in one of the natural hair Facebook groups I belong to. The challenge was to come up with 5 different hair styles over 5 consecutive days. Admittedly, this was a bit of a challenge for me as my daily styles during the week mostly consist out of twists, braids or buns. Nevertheless, I put my creative hat on and came up with the following 5 fairly simple to achieve styles.

Let me know which style was your favourite as well as which one you’d like to see a tutorial of as I’ll be featuring the style with the most requests/likes in one of my upcoming You Tube style videos. On that note, please stop by my YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button. I’m very new at making videos, and so would definitely appreciate your support. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for daily inspiration, styles and tips.

Day 1 – The Side Swept Fro

Day 2 – The Angled Fringe

Day 3 – Pompadour Up-do

Day 4 – The Classic Top Knot Bun

Day 5 – The Chic Turban

Love your curls!




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