That moment you finally meet your online curlfriends

Curlfriends: Samantha-Jane, Eleanor, Mandy

Naturally all of us who spend time on social media have people we communicate with regularly but every now and then you connect with someone online and instantly hit it off. Amanda Cooke, aka The Mandy Expedition, has been one such person. Over the course of the last year we have been in regular email contact, we’ve been following each other on Instagram, featured each other on our respective natural hair blogs, and have since also become Facebook friends. So when we finally met up in person during late December 2014 we both knew it was long overdue.

We had arranged to meet at Tasha’s, a cute café at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, for brunch along with one more of my online friends, Samantha-Jane Samaai. When I walked in and told the waiter  that I was meeting two girls he immediately asked me if it’s the 2 other ladies with big curly hair. While he pointed me in the right direction I couldn’t help chuckling to myself as I once again realised the attention that curly hair attracts, in fact demands.

Excitedly I approached the table, saw the girls and we were off! In short we exchanged hair products, talked nails, men, food, festive season diets, blogging and natural hair care of course, all over a bottle of bubbly as laughter ensued.

Mandy and I have featured each other over here and here. Have a look if you’re interested.



9 thoughts on “That moment you finally meet your online curlfriends

  1. You ladies look stunning! Thanx to you Eleanore I decided to go bigger and it’s indeed better. Not only do I love my hair, but so do everyone else! You are officially my inspiration and hair guru!

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