Look post: How I wore my scarves on Boracay Island

Before I head off to England I thought I’d do another cheeky  late travel post. Seven months ago my fiancé and I spent two very lazy weeks over Christmas and New Year on a tiny island called Boracay in the Philippines.  With a total land area of 10.32 square kilometres and being only 7 kilometres long, you can imagine there was very little to do other than relaxing on the beach, swimming, eating and drinking. Although I do have many beautiful photos of the island itself, I decided that I’d like to do a look post (of sorts) with the scarves that I took with me on holiday.

Living the island life for two weeks meant that there was rarely any need to be dressed in something other than a swimsuit, but that didn’t mean that I wanted to put all my assets on show the whole time either. So I found that draping scarves over my bikini kept me looking and feeling feminine and relaxed while also decent and not too exposed.

Here are two of the ways I wore my scarves. I hope you like them.

Look 1

Look 2


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